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Member Profile - Vicky Stromee

Member Profile

 Vicky Stromee

Please give us a thumbnail sketch of your life/career.


My professional career was as a psychotherapist and I continue to teach and

supervise internship students through the Masters of Counseling program at

University of Phoenix. 8 years ago I decided to shift my focus and move from

amateur photographer to fine art photographer. I launched my photography

career with a successful exhibition at the Tucson Botanical Gardens, a series

of consultations with Mary Virginia Swanson, and participation in Review LA

and Photolucida. I’m currently represented by Waxlander Gallery in Santa Fe,

PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury, Vt, and arts+interiors in New York.



© Vicky Stromee


How did you become interested in photography?


I’ve been interested in photography all my life – from my earliest memories of

my dad’s basement darkroom and the magic of watching pictures emerge from

the chemical bath to my first brownie camera at age 7 that I took everywhere to

capture friends and family and animals. I love exploring the natural world and

looking for essential elements and the interplay of color, shape, texture, and




What has been your most interesting or favorite assignment/ situation/or person?

Looking through the lens is a meditation. I love being out in nature, exploring the natural environment close up and the discovery of what might be overlooked – then sharing those captured moments with others.


© Vicky Stromee

What is important to you?

 Love, friendship, good conversation, art, introspection, spiritual practice


How have you taught yourself to adapt to change?

I was born with a curious nature and I love to experiment. I have good mentors to consult with who keep me asking the right questions.


© Vicky Stromee


What are the most important things you have learned?


Life is a process of discovery; trust the process and allow yourself to “not know.”



What is your favorite food?

 Chili Rellenos, Tika Marsala, an excellent steak


Please explain why you joined ASMP?

I wanted to connect with other photographers and find a community where I

could learn more about the field of photography.


What is your current project?


I’ve just started moving away from straight photographic images to exploring photomontage – layering together images to create provocative and evocative scenes. It’s meant learning new software and looking at the world in a new way.



What is something you would like people to know that was not asked?


I have a red standard poodle who likes to serve as photographer’s helper but is easily distracted by coyotes, havalinas, and rabbits.




© Vicky Stromee