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ASMP.ORG, ASMP Bulletin and ASMP ENews

About ASMP

For over 70 years, ASMP has been the premier trade association for promoting and protecting the interests of independent imaging professionals. Membership in ASMP is recognized worldwide as a commitment to professionalism, quality, good ethics and a sign of proven experience. ASMP has members in 39 chapters in the United States and in over thirty foreign countries. ASMP is built on the cornerstones of education, information and advocacy and calls upon a wealth of knowledge from within its membership to develop solutions that work. ASMP consists of professionals helping professionals through community, culture, commerce and publications.


For information, industry news, events, trends, and what imaging professionals are doing….



ASMP is now offering advertising space on its well-respected ASMP.ORG site. Because it is a reliable, on-line resource for industry information, over 45,000 unique visitors a month, both members and non-members, reach out to ASMP.ORG. For providers of sophisticated imaging products and services, few other placements offer as precise a target audience.


ASMP Bulletin

The ASMP Bulletin is the journal for members of ASMP and is a respected source of industry information. The editorial content includes technical trends, marketing challenges, business ideas, surveys, new projects, member portfolios, trade news and industry updates useful to members and non-members alike.


The ASMP Bulletin is distributed five times a year (in hard copy and electronically) and reaches a qualified, quality professional market of ASMP members, educators, students and creatives. Extra distributions by Photo District News reach key photography editors and buyers as well as attendees at PDN PhotoPlus Expo and other industry events.



ASMP ENews is the organization’s official monthly on-line communication for both members and other subscribers and contains current information on news events; advocacy issues; members, board of directors and staff; ASMP benefits; and related events/competition. ENews is distributed via e-mail during the middle part of each month to over 25,000 ASMP members and friends, and has rapidly become ASMP’s go-to source for up-to-date information. ENews is designed to be clear and succinct, allowing members and others to link to story details and information in which they may have an interest.


Best of ASMP

Throughout the year, ASMP promotes member projects that have been judged to be the Best of ASMP. This year’s tenth annual Best of ASMP includes 24 finalists narrowed from some 250 submissions in an exhaustive review. Monthly, two of the 24 finalists are featured in a newsletter that presents the finalist and information that highlights the project and the challenges confronted. The newsletter is emailed to 44,000 ASMP members, friends of ASMP and art buyers. For advertisers looking to reach premier buyers of imaging products and services, Best of ASMP is designed to deliver results.


About Members

As the world has changed, so too has ASMP. Imaging professionals today encompass those who create imagery in creative work using still images, motion and multimedia. ASMP members represent the full scope of the profession and include professionals, students and others who may be somewhere in between.


ASMP advertisers thus have access to a sophisticated audience worldwide — in 39 chapters from Alaska to Utah and to others throughout the world. Advertise with ASMP to market camera equipment, storage media, film, computers and electronic technology, gadgets, post-production services, studio equipment and other related products and services.


Reach a Highly-Targeted Audience

Advertise with ASMP to reach a sophisticated, highly targeted audience. Advertisers include Adobe, Agency Access, Borrowlenses, Canon, Datacolor, Epson, Focal Press, Foto Care, Fuji Photo Film, Hasselblad, ICP, Nikon, Panasonic, PhotoShelter, Profoto, Tamron, X-Rite, Zeiss and many more. Reach an audience of leading professional photo creatives in every field with extraordinary efficiency.